~ the looming view when looking straight up a skyscraper street


I’m sure we all have a picture like the one above, which was taken on Franklin Street in Chicago. The diagonals you see when looking up in skyscraper cities, pointing to an imaginary vanishing point in the sky, can be quite a spectacular sight. Some might argue this sight makes them feel small, but it’s just as easy to feel great to be part of it, so I guess that’s just a personal perception.

One of the most spectacular upscapes can be found in a street with no proper name, as a Dubai address is simply the unsexy name of a district with the postal code attached to it. A compact area in between Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeriah already hosts 4 of the 5 tallest residential skyscrapers in the world.

Not only is the upscape quite a spectacle (see gallery), the street along where they stand noticeably cooler then the open areas in the surrounding area. Why Dubai builds one of the most spectacular residential districts in the world and doesn’t bother to give the street an attractive name is a mystery to me.

Upscape has been coined for this dictionary. Skyscape and Scraperscape have been considered, but upscape was chosen because the antonym downscape sounds like it makes sense. Again, any chance of losing the sky- prefix is welcome.

A nice set of Hong King upscapes called Vertical Horizon was made by French graphic artist Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze.