~ an expedient skyscraper enthusiast


This term is basically a tribute to Marshall Gerometta. This New York native residing near Chicago was one of the first skyscraper heros in the age of early internet. Marshall’s Hot 500 was a list of every skyscraper in the world over 500 feet, and was a popular feature of the now defunct worldtallest.com, the world’s first real skyscraper Web site by fellow enthusiast Jeff Herzer (here is an archived page from 1999).

For over 40 years, Marshall has been, and still is, tracking every move of every skyscraper, which makes him a walking encyclopedia on skyscrapers and numbers. Why he does it? Fun and kicks I’d say. He refers to himself as a skyscraper geek, but people like Marshall and Jeff, and many other like-minded out there, deserve a more respectful term for what they doing, and why they do it.

Besides the overlap, what sets a skyscraperist apart from the previously introduced skyshaper is that the latter probably knows one or two skyscraper related things really well and gets paid to do it, but sometimes show a surprising lack of knowledge and enthusiasm when it comes to other fields of knowledge.

The difference between a skyscraperist on the one hand, and a towerist or a member of a cyberopolis on the other is that the skyscraperist is using his or hers enthusiasm to learn and read about it, pay visits to skyscrapers (often going the extra mile while at it) and especially create something related to the topic, becoming quite the experts while at it.

To all of you skyscraperists out there, this one is for you!

  • Deanmarcusbisnar