a skyscraper which includes a ski slope

skiscraperHouse Slalom as proposed by Shokhan Mataibekov

In 2011, the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) presented the design proposal for a waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen with a roof that doubles as a public ski slope (see gallery). There are off course many artificial ski slopes in the world, but Amager Bakke, as it is called, meaning Amager Hill, is the first actual building where a ski slope comes as an extra on its roof. While at it, it adds some fun and games to the burning of 400,000 tons of annual waste, which might have been the main selling point. As an extra bonus, it also comes with a climbing wall and a chimney which puffs out its exhaust in rings of smoke. Amager Bakke is currently under construction and is expected to open its doors in 2016.

The idea itself wasn’t new though. In 2010, conceptual designer Michael Jantzen envisioned the eco-friendly North Slope Ski Hotel for an indeterminate place (see gallery), although he kinda forgot to end the slope at an elevator to take you up again.

In 2015, the Almaty-based architecture group Shokhan Mataibekov proposed a similar idea. House Slalom as it is called, involves a 21-storey apartment building for Astana with a 304-metre ski slope on its roof (see above and gallery). This is good news for this dictionary as we prefer more than an incidental instance before it is included. Let’s face it, the term skiscraper is just begging to be a part of this dictionary.