a skyscraper with a curvaceous shape


In May 2015, Melbourne planning officials approved a 68-storey skyscraper which got all the attention because the architect openly stated that the shape pays homage the music video for Beyonc√©’s Ghost, this part to be exactly. If you freeze that image, and give it to an architect, apparently the tower on the right is was you get.

This is not the first curvy design by Elenberg Fraser as in 2014 Abode 318 was completed featuring a wavy facade giving every home an individual identity as well as coveted corner views up and down Russell Street. Mind though that there is a fine distinction between waves and curves.

This is not the first time a curvy skyscraper is openly referenced to a famous lady. In 2007, just days after the announcement that MAD architects had won the competition for the two tallest towers of the Absolute World development in Mississauga, Canada, the tallest one was nicknamed as the Marilyn Monroe tower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure likened to actress.

Designing a ladyscraper is an excellent way to draw attention. Sex sells, and where linking skyscrapers with the male expression of sexuality is considered rather suggestive, introducing feminine shapes into the design will get the eyes fixed on you. Undoubtedly, more body building to come!