~ an underwhelming skyscraper entrance

flobbyResident entrance of the Weenatoren in Rotterdam

The following is a quote from a book about the works of architect Emery Roth

The design of the entrance in such buildings (tall buildings) was, in fact, a focal point for the architect’s attention because it was here that he (Emery Roth) was able to establish in the minds of the tenant and the visitor a sense of high quality and old age character.

Mind you that this was the 1920’s, so it’s not like the importance of a well designed and welcoming lobby is untouched territory. Unfortunately this knowledge has largely been wasted on many Dutch residential skyscrapers. Somehow the Dutch don’t believe in frivolous amenities such as a luxorious entrance, as they’re mostly being considered as extra HOA fees.

Pictured above is the resident entrance of the Weenatoren in Rotterdam, which at the time of completion offered the highest apartments in the country. It’s literally a side door which has the word appartments written above it, in case you were wondering where the entrance is.

Americans understand that your residential experience starts the moment you step inside the main entrance, and that a well designed entrance is just an extension of your home. Dutch lobbies however seldomly have a staffed deck, and as such have no one to greet you, and no one who is the friendly face of the neighbourhood that is your resiscraper.

Flobby sounds fitting for these as it incorporates the words flop and lobby. It was coined for this dictionary.