an intentionally leaning skyscraper

defyscraperCapital Gate tower in Abu Dhabi. source:

The world’s most famous leaning tower was really a tryscraper as it wasn’t the intent of the Pisans to built a leaning bell tower. It took them 199 years to complete the 56-meter-tall tower, including an almost 100-year period in which Pisa was continually engaged in battles with nearby cities. This century-long construction stop actually saved the tower from collapsing during construction as it allowed the weak, unstable subsoil to settle before construction resumed.

These days towers tilt as part of the appearance, creating a riveting sight of a skyscraper that looks like it’s about to topple but isn’t. In 2010, Guinness World Records certified Capital Gate (see above) in Abu Dhabi as the World’s furthest leaning man-made tower as it inclines 18° to the west.

An engineer will tell you that every odd-shaped skyscraper has a normal one on the inside, meaning that even though it looks like a skyscraper is defying gravity, it’s main structure is just a straight-up arrangement with floors and an exterior draped around it.

There is no skyscraper which inclines so much that it wouldn’t be able to fit a straight elevator shaft, or has a tilted core structure. Not because that would be technically impossible, but because of the costs involved. Even in the Middle East there is a limit on how much one should spend on a folly I guess.