Probably the most challenging term to explain in a Skyscraper Dictionary is the skyscraper itself. The following is an expending set of articles that will be dealing with the phenomenon of the skyscraper.


Skyscraper DictionaryHigh there, and welcome to the skyscraper dictionary. The world needs one. The first article explains why.
» High there


EtymologyThe one word you’re expected to define in a skyscraper dictionary is off course the word skyscraper. In order to get to a definition, we first look at the origin of the word.
» Etymology


Origins of the Skyscraper

Growing UpAfter that we look at the skyscrapers as they were built at the time they start calling them skyscrapers and the motives to built them.
» Growing up


First SkyscraperTo determine the first skyscraper, we’ll look back to see if these buildings already existed before the started to call them skyscraper.
» First skyscraper


… more to come!