• airbragging

    Airbragging • sticking your name to a skyscraper in a big way • read more

  • polercoaster

    Polercoaster • a combined observation tower and roller co • read more

  • skiscraper

    Skiscraper • a tall building which includes a ski slope • read more

  • toughscraper

    Toughscraper • A skyscraper still standing after trying to blow it up • read more

  • ladyscraper_02

    Ladyscraper • a skyscraper with a curvaceous shape • read more

  • defyscraper

    Defyscraper • an intentionally leaning skyscraper • read more

  • resiglow

    Resiglow • visible signs of skyscraper living • read more

  • altorium

    Altorium • a room dedicated to take in the views • read more

  • skydentify

    Skydentify • being able to point out where you life in a skyscraper • read more

  • condokid

    Condo Kid • a young child of a family living in a resiscraper • read more

  • pikketyline

    Pikkety Line • a skyline filled with Pikketyscrapers • read more

  • skydweller

    Skydweller • a skyscraper resident • read more

  • bontrast

    Bontrast • a qualitative, balanced urban contrast • read more

  • resibase

    Resibase • a skyscraper base containing houses • read more

  • cityness

    Cityness • the culture of choice • read more

  • flobby

    Flobby • an underwhelming skyscraper entrance • read more

  • cityscraper

    Cityscraper • a city enhancing skyscraper • read more

  • superslender

    Superslender • a super-slender, ultra-luxury residential skyscraper • read more

High there, and welcome to the skyscraper dictionary. The world needs one.

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Articles about the skyscraper

The First Skyscraper

The First Skyscraper

Feb 12, 2013 | No Comments

I like to believe that the very first person who used the word skyscraper was doing so because he was impressed by the height of one of these new tall …

Growing up

Growing up

Feb 12, 2013 | No Comments

Generally it is safe to say skyscraper first came into use during the 1880s, which means that the buildings that were the inspiration for the name have been …



Feb 12, 2013 | No Comments

Where does the word skyscraper come from? The posh word for researching the origins of a word is etymology. And that is what we’ll be discussing in …

High there!

High there!

Feb 12, 2013 | No Comments

Welcome to the Skyscraper Dictionary. The world needs one.

Take for example the following statement. I coined it myself, but it’s a statement which …